Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Sketches and Pizza

Today's installment offers both sketches AND a food review. First the sketches... a quick sketch of a moose and rough sketch of a Martian for a card I'm working on as part of the War of the Worlds trading card series.

Now for the food review... a few of us at work decided to try ZPizza today. It's a chain that offers pizza with "organic" ingredients. We ordered a small chicken sausage with vegan cheese and a large ham and pineapple. The large cost $16 and was the size of what I consider to be a medium pizza (I was not the only one who thought it was a bit small). I'm not sure the price of the small, but that seemed to be a reasonable size. The pizzas themselves are thin crust but they weren't crispy. I'm not a fan of crispy crust so on the one hand, it wasn't a problem on the other... I thought it was rubbery. I also thought the ham and pineapple pizza had no taste... it was very bland. The vegan cheese tasted a bit better and the crust didn't seem as rubbery. Definitely not somewhere I would go again, although I know vegans who enjoy it.

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