Monday, November 8, 2010

Captain America and work ethic

Today at work another temp quit. The first one quitting wasn't a total shock and she seemed more interested in talking than working (so no reall loss there) but the one that was hired to replace her was actually very professional and a good worker. She left (with no notice to us or the temp agency) to start a full time job today. So in hindsight, maybe she wasn't so professional after all. It makes me wonder if people understand the concept of making a committment anymore. In both cases, they were told ahead of time this was a long term (3-4 month) assignment and in both cases, they quit after being there less than 4 weeks. Doesn't say much about the agency we hired them from either.

Here is my sketch for today.... a quick pencil sketch of Captain America. I decided to leave the wings off his head as I never understood what purpose they served.


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  2. Very nice Sketch, I always thought the wings were there to make his mask look more heroic, without them he looks more like a mexican Luchador than a superhero.